ECstatic dance dj, organizer

(R)evolution through dance

Vesica is Initiator and Co-founder of Ecstatic Dance Berlin, where she is a resident DJ and the organizer of Ecstatic Dance Sundays.
She was born & raised in Berlin, lived most of her adult life in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, and recently returned to Berlin.
Oakland Ecstatic Dance saved her sanity in 2008 when her doctoral dissertation on spirit possession & psychiatry was literally driving her mad. Ever since, Ecstatic Dance has been her twice weekly, non-negotiable pilgrimage to the dance floor -to get down and right with herself and her body, her community and the Universe.
It is no surprise then, that Vesica is a dancer’s DJ deeply steeped in West Coast Bass music with a predilection for bass, glitch & funk, creating transformational healing dance journeys.Vesica regularly travels to DJ Ecstatic Dances in California, the US, and all over Europe from Ibiza to Moscow.